When words really heal

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Have you not already felt how hurtful words can be? In hypnosis we will …

First resolve the causes

Often these, like many other painful experiences, are deeply anchored in your memory.

Perhaps these injuries are still causing you enormous trouble today?

Delete manipulations

In the best case, I can immediately dissolve your mental stress caused by manipulations, blockages, stress, fears and injuries during the first hypnosis session, in a successive process.

Increase joy of life & energy

Thanks to the unique alpha hypnosis, you will experience more joie de vivre, the activation of your self-healing powers and the revitalization of valuable resources.

So you can enjoy your life happily and deeply again.

When words heal *

… with this entrée I warmly welcome you here! Please get a first impression and feel how far you are right here with your concern.

If you have any further questions, I am available by phone, your

Phaidros Krugmann, Hypnosis

Phaidros Krugmann

As a hypnologist and member of the Heidelberg Hypnosis Academy, I can introduce you to my special services in the field of applied hypnosis and consciousness research in my practice.

Thanks to my wealth of experience and my systemic way of working, I guarantee you a deep, sustainable and successful process with my trance & hypnosis techniques.

You will always experience my intensive hypnosis sessions in a particularly protected atmosphere.

The „soul whisperer“

As an experienced mental trainer and hypnotist, I will guide you on an insightful path to inner changes and spiritual healing.

* = mentale/seelische Regeneration

Chaiselongue Hypnose Phaidros in Heidelberg & Mannheim, Lebensfreude

Hypnnosis gives you quality of live

Hypnosis helps you decisively

With Alpha Hypnosis I help you in many important life questions:

Hypnosis without words

If you don’t like to talk, keep quiet and enjoy …

Those who no longer want to talk about their stress or who have already had strenuous therapies without success can now keep silent and observe! The superconscious becomes active!

@Hypnose Mannheim & Heidelberg

Sometimes the subconscious keeps it closed with good intentions. This is where working with the hypnosis transfer protocol becomes important. The client remains silent and taboos are preserved. But the all-encompassing super-consciousness knows the way! The solution is found in deep hypnosis!

In the Allgemeine Praxis für Hypnose Mannheim & Heidelberg, I have been offering the „Hypnosis Transfer Protocol“ as a special form of deep hypnosis since 2018. For someone who has already been through a long path of suffering, this hypnosis technique can set the decisive mental healing impulse. Take advantage of our new offer in Mannheim & Heidelberg and look forward to an exciting and liberating process.

@Hypnose Mannheim & Heidelberg

In the course of the session, I will guide you through a hypnotic inner dialogue from trance to a „dialogue of the soul“.

The „dialogue of the soul“ is the core of Alpha Hypnosis

This unique hypnosis technique is constantly being further developed in close cooperation with the Heidelberg Hypnosis Academy.

The dialogue of the soul breaks through the stressful cycle of thoughts and reveals to you what is really important or stressful to you.

Everything becomes clear and noticeable, resources can be strengthened and burdens removed.

Even after the first session, many participants can report on profound changes. They often enjoy a completely „new“ attitude towards life.

hypnosis In the dialoque of the soul

… and other interesting questions about systemic hypnosis

A hypnotic dialogue

In the dialogue of the soul many levels of your consciousness are addressed. Because all levels have a diverse effect through our actions and thoughts and are the cause of our well-being.

The dialogue of the soul

In a special dialogue process, during the trance, I interview different levels of your consciousness and uncover possible fears, burdens and blockages.

Alpha Hypnosis • On the pulse of the soul

While I put you in a trance you will not only experience a healing deep relaxation, but also a profound „clearing“ of your thoughts. My questions and interventions on your levels of consciousness are so intense and relentless that you can experience an immediate dissolution.

Consciously or Subconsciously?

This question is only academic in nature during this process. During the hypnotic dialogue you immediately leave the everyday cycle of all stressful thoughts and feelings. For this reason, this change is described by all those involved as so profound, as if a previously undiscovered door to sustainable change had been opened.

Whatever we are, they are always thoughts

It is our thinking, that is, the „handling“ of our thoughts, which leads us through life happy or complained. If the thoughts go in circles and our thinking does not find a solution, we find it a great burden. This cycle is broken with the “dialogue of the soul”.

Clarity and security

From then on, all stressful thoughts change their energy, meaning and effect. Calm and serenity come back, a deep feeling of security is a wonderful gift.

Contraindications: When and with whom hypnosis is not used

  • for medical use (diagnosis • treatment)
  • mentally handicapped people
  • with severe heart and circulatory diseases (heart failure)
  • Psychoses (schizophrenia • bipolar disorders • endogenous depression • borderline • delusions)
  • Depression (endogenous / somatic) according to ICD-10
  • Personality Disorders • Thrombosis patients
  • for all mental disorders according to ICD-10
  • immediately after a heart attack & stroke
  • Addictions (drugs • alcohol • medication)
  • serious diseases of the central nervous system
  • Children and young people without the consent of the legal representative
  • Legal additions & other information

Alpha Hypnosis is a holistic program and project for the promotion, development and increase of mental resources by means of hypnosis and complementary mental techniques. The project is being researched in close cooperation with the Heidelberg Hypnosis Academy and is constantly being further developed. In addition to classic deep hypnosis, permissive or direct (paternal) hypnosis, the focus is on the following mental techniques:

Dialog der Seele (hypnotische Dialogtechnik)
Mentale Resonanz Interventionen PHK
ϕ EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing nach PHK)
BrainSpotClearing nach PHK
Hemi Sync • Binauralstimulation • Phonophorese
Holotropes Atmen • Rückführung • Meditation
Russische Heilweisen & Heilmethoden nach PHK
Messmerisierung • Schlafhypnose • Hypnose Transfer Protokoll

hypnosis a git oft joie de vivre

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