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Your resilience is your most valuable potential

Resilience ⚜️ Your soul’s immune system

We have all observed how different people can deal with their blows of fate. What some have processed well after a while can mean a catastrophe for the other. When the ground threatens to slip from under your feet, the road to depression is often not far.

Resilience describes the tolerance of a system to disturbances

But those who have learned to deal with such situations in the course of their lives often even emerge stronger from a crisis. But before we answer the question „Is resilience innate, learnable or imprinted?“ I would like to ask you to take a closer look at the following statements and …

compare them with your experiences

  • I started making mistakes
  • I could certainly have done a lot better
  • Sometimes I would like to turn back time to make amends
  • I would like to apologize to someone for certain situations
  • Fate has not always been good to me
  • I don’t always agree with life
  • I have to try hard all the time to be successful
  • Life makes it harder than necessary for me
  • I often have to fight for love and attention
  • I envy other people their happy childhoods
  • Nothing is really given to you
  • My past won’t leave me alone
  • I still suffer from my past today
  • I need reconciliations or apologies
  • Sometimes my memories paralyze me
  • I can never forgive you for that
  • Why did this have to happen to me

If you think …

… that some of these sentences could also have come from you, then you have probably also felt how stressful it can be for you. The more you rotate in this thinking, the more difficult it is to find out or even a solution, dissolution or redemption. When the stress becomes too great, the psychological stress leads to mental disorders, it is time to go a new way! Because resilience can be learned, steered through mental work and strengthened sustainably!

The dialogue of the soul

The dialogue of the soul shows you the way to mental healing. I invite you to an exciting and insightful journey!

Your Phaidros, your holistic resilience profiler

Frau mit Baby

Resilience always needs a strong foundation

The beginning and the solution lie in the „Dialogue of the soul“

In fact, resilience can be created from an early age. Mostly it goes hand in hand with what we know as „basic trust“. But experience shows that resilience can also be acquired and strengthened in the course of life.

Here systemic hypnosis with the „dialogue of the soul“ is a wonderful process of inner solution and change. The foundation of your resilience essentially consists of 3 elements.

3 Foundations of Resilience

In tune with myself

… with the world outside

… with my past

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be at peace with yourself? You would manage your life with calm and serenity. An uninhibited self-confidence will lead you through life safely and without fear from now on.

You realize again that the universe is there for you! Never against you! Leaving all the strain and tension behind can be so healing!

Whatever prevented us from leaving the past behind, these blockages and manipulations are dissolved in the dialogue of the soul. Can be experienced directly and immediately.

These changes are so overwhelming and liberating for some participants that many tears of joy flow.

This dialogue of the soul is immediate & inevitable in the trance!

Your holistic Resilience Profiler knows the way

As if every confusion had its own healing in it

Hypnnosis gives you quality of live

Basic trust ϕ security ϕ quality of life

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