Raus aus dem Stress.

Hypnosis against stress weights

Live resilience, calm and serenity

Hypnos against stress

Excessive demands on all fronts

Overload is a set of requirements that a person’s ability to perform is no longer sufficient to meet.

And it is certainly not surprising that we are very familiar with such stressful situations.

The new currency „attention“

Our outside world is constantly firing new stimuli and prompts to give them our attention.

Those who do not want to get out completely, still have options to put a stop to excessive demands.

Overload management

Of course, you can successfully integrate all methods of overstrain management into your daily routine.

Necessary for life

So you will feel again how pleasant and vital a balanced life is! To be in harmony with yourself again is a wonderful basis for a healthy & vital life.

Find inner peace

When hypnosis becomes wellness for the soul

During hypnosis, you will experience deep awareness and care for all stressful issues and aspects of your life.

I remove obstructive blocks and strengthen your mental abilities.

You will also receive effective methods for stress avoidance or acute intervention, such as tapping acupressure or self-hypnosis.

Ease, wellbeing and security

You will experience the ease and inconspicuousness with which hypnosis can be applied to stress. This method becomes a good habit over time and can be used in all areas of life.

This is how you experience a new feeling of security! Feeling secure in your own body with your soul is a special quality of life that my hypnosis work is geared towards.

holistic resilience profiling

Hypnosis against stress pressure

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Balanced • Hypnosis against stress

You no longer need to exert yourself, fight stress, or manage stress. What you experience through my hypnosis as an increase in performance and resilience also gives you more

Balance and satisfaction.


A deep understanding of life and the special situation that you have often experienced as stress,

leads to mental strengthening and general serenity.

Strengthen resilience

During my hypnosis these resources will be opened up again for you.

Hypnosis against stress weight

I offer the following programs & additional information on stress relief:

The intensive hypnosis program for stress relief for everyone who wants to relax:

Hypnosis against stress

Program content:

  • hypnosis
  • Deep hypnosis
  • Self hypnosis
  • Autosuggestions
  • Trigger methods
  • Breathing techniques

  • Mental programming
  • Deep relaxation
  • spiritual consolidation
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Fee: € 360
  • Appointment as desired

Inquire and book here:


    The business hypnosis program for mental and operational stress relief

    The intensive hypnosis program for stress relief for everyone who wants to relax:

    Hypnosis against stress Phaidros

    Program content:

    • Time management
    • Stimulus management
    • Arousal management
    • Harassment Management
    • Movement management
    • Consciousness management

    • Lightning relaxation
    • Self hypnosis
    • Trigger techniques
    • mental reprogramming
    • Duration: 2 x 3.5 hours
    • Fee: € 950
    • Dates on request

    Inquire and book here:


      Burnout prevention is always a long-term support

      Hypnosis against stress and burnout
      Burnout stands for a syndrome of emotional exhaustion, the feeling of being overwhelmed and reduced performance satisfaction.

      Burnout prevention

      You will receive a tailor-made long-term program for relief, regeneration, stress management and deep relaxation.

      • Duration: 3 – 6 – 9 or 12 months
      • Session once a week
      • Fee: 1200, – € to 2500, – € / month.
      • Appointments on site and in my practice [/ one_fourth]
      Inquire and book here:


        What does resilience mean in the definition of psychologists?

        Resilience or psychological resilience is the ability to cope with crises and to use them as an opportunity for development through recourse to personal and socially mediated resources.

        Originally, resilience was used to describe the strength of a person to get through life crises such as serious illnesses, long unemployment, loss of loved ones or the like without lasting impairment.

        Even people who do not give up after a trauma such as rape, the sudden loss of loved ones or war experiences, but develop the ability to continue, are referred to as resilient.

        Source: Wikipedia

        Contraindications: When and with whom hypnosis is not used

        • for medical use (diagnosis • treatment)
        • mentally handicapped people
        • for severe heart and circulatory diseases (heart failure)
        • Psychoses (schizophrenia • bipolar disorders • endogenous depression • borderline • delusions)
        • Depression (endogenous / somatic) according to ICD-10
        • Persönlichkeitsstörungen • Thrombose-Patienten
        • bei allen psychischen Störungen nach ICD-10
        • unmittelbar nach Herzinfarkt & Schlaganfall
        • Suchterkrankungen (Drogen • Alkohol • Medikamenten)
        • schwerwiegende Erkrankungen des zentralen Nervensystem
        • Kinder und Jugendliche ohne Einwilligung der gesetzlichen Vertreter

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