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Every fear starts in thinking!

We end the cycle of thoughts & fear

Hypnosis works reliably to relieve anxiety, panic & phobia

Get out of the cycle of thoughts

There are fears for almost every thought, hope, or wish.

Those who live in their own cycle of fearful thoughts know how easily „control“ over their thoughts can slip away.

Overcome fears

You can overcome your fears when the thoughts that cause it are deleted. Here hypnosis will help you quickly and effectively!

You will receive an individualized hypnosis to completely dissolve your anxiety, panic or phobia.

Clarification and ease

Already during our first session you notice how your thoughts „clear“, how the burdens are softened and a wonderful lightness becomes noticeable. Helpful methods become a good habit over time and can be used in all areas of life.

You experience a deep liberation, peace and serenity

fear of flying

Aviophobia or fear of flying describes the pathological fear or phobia of flying. The symptoms of aviophobia can appear several days before a flight, but also shortly before the flight, e.g. B. at the gate or on the plane

Panic & Panic Attack

In the case of a panic / panic attack, there is a physical and psychological alarm reaction without an external cause. These panic and anxiety attacks appear out of the blue, often after periods of heavy stress.

Claustrophobia or agoraphobia

In agoraphobia, those affected have a strong and persistent fear of various places and situations where, in the event of malaise or panic attacks, it would be difficult to escape and a helpful person would not be immediately available.

Fear of spiders • fear of depth (fear of heights) and much more.

Isolated phobias are exaggerated fears related to certain things, situations, objects, or actions. For example fear of heights or fear of splashes, of thunder, of spiders, of tunnels.

Social phobia

With a social phobia, those affected fear being the center of attention, behaving inappropriately or embarrassingly and therefore possibly being criticized or judged negatively.

Generalized anxiety syndrome

Generalized Anxiety Syndrome is a persistent, prolonged, inappropriate fear and anxiety that relates to various everyday situations. The thoughts revolve around fears of what could happen. As a result, a condition that many know as „fear of fear“ can establish itself.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is characterized by obsessive-compulsive thoughts and / or compulsive acts. These impose themselves on the person concerned, he cannot escape the thoughts, ideas, impulses and actions, although they are perceived as meaningless, unpleasant and tormenting

Post-traumatic stress disorder

A post-traumatic stress disorder can occur after extraordinary life events with high emotional stress (e.g. violence), the horror event is lived through again and again and creates a severe, long-lasting and chronic fear.

Fear of loss

When fear of loss, the thoughts constantly revolve around the fact that e.g. People, affection, a job, social status, etc. could lose or the supposed certainty that one will lose them.

Based on the psychological anxiety determinations, a distinction can be made between concrete anxiety and contingency anxiety.

1. Concrete fear / real fear / fear focused on a specific threatened object, e.g. B.

  • physical integrity
  • recognition
  • material situation

2. Contingency anxiety / general fear of „suffering from indefiniteness“, e.g.

  • uncertainty
  • uncertainty
  • Disorientation

In my statements, I usually differentiate between these two forms in fear (1) or anxiety (2).

Source Wikipedia

If you are now looking for help with fear hypnosis Mannheim / fear hypnosis Heidelberg, then you have come to the right place.

The physical symptoms of fear are normal (i.e. not pathological) physical reactions which, in the event of a (real or fantasized) danger, are intended to ensure physical or mental integrity and, in extreme cases, survival. They should prepare a living being for a fight or flight situation:

  • Increased attention, pupils dilate, visual and auditory nerves become more sensitive
  • Increased muscle tension, increased reaction speed
  • Increased heart rate, increased blood pressure
  • Breathing shallower and faster
  • Energy supply in muscles
  • Physical reactions such as sweating, tremors and dizziness
  • Bladder, bowel and stomach functions are inhibited during the state of fear
  • Nausea and shortness of breath also occur in some cases
  • Secretion of molecules in sweat that make other people smell fear and subconsciously trigger them to be alert
  • In addition to these individual reactions, showing fear, for example through the characteristic facial expression or through language, has the social
  • meaning of asking for protection.

The physical expressions of fear are the same whether it is a real threat or a panic attack. Every fourth patient with anxiety disorder complains of chronic pain.

Source Wikipedia

You can find help and further information on Angst Hypnose Mannheim / Angst Hypnose Heidelberg here.

My acute mental intervention can lead you directly out of the anxiety burden. In addition to anxiety hypnosis, other mental techniques are reliably effective. Through my interdisciplinary collaboration with the Heidelberg Hypnosis Academy, you benefit directly from the latest results from panic and fear research.

I will help you to step out of the cycle of stress

  • Find causes & delete
  • Stress resolution
  • Deep relaxation
  • Trigger methods & tapping acupressure
  • Breathing & Posture Techniques
  • Mind & Thought Management
  • bilateral hemispheres synchronization
  • spiritual consolidation
  • mental reprogramming

Contraindications: When and with whom hypnosis is not used

  • for medical use (diagnosis • treatment)
  • mentally handicapped people
  • with severe heart and circulatory diseases (heart failure)
  • Psychoses (schizophrenia • bipolar disorders • endogenous depression • borderline • delusions)
  • Depression (endogenous / somatic) according to ICD-10
  • Personality Disorders • Thrombosis patients
  • for all mental disorders according to ICD-10
  • immediately after a heart attack & stroke
  • Addictions (drugs • alcohol • medication)
  • serious diseases of the central nervous system
  • Children and young people without the consent of the legal representative
  • Additional information on panic and anxiety hypnosis

As a hypnologist, I am always active outside of medicine. In Germany it is not my place to relate my work to a therapeutic context. Your internet search for panic and fear hypnosis Mannheim or hypnosis against fear Mannheim will just as seldom lead you to my pages as panic and fear hypnosis Heidelberg, hypnosis against fear Heidelberg, panic and fear hypnosis Ludwigshafen or panic and fear hypnosis Weinheim. As a hypnosis specialist with a comprehensive general focus on all subject areas, I can advise and coach you as a hypnologist and hypnotist safely and competently. I will open up your path to self-healing, to mental and spiritual healing.

Hypnnosis gives you quality of live

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